A Plan You Can Trust

Coming up with a comprehensive plan (scope and sequence) to teach the Bible systematically and completely is not easy. We did the heavy lifting to build the plan so you can use it to focus on communicating God’s Word and strengthening the kids under your care.

The Strong Curriculum comprehensive curriculum plan means you can share God’s Word with confidence:

  • We built the Strong Kids scope and sequence on the seven teaching aims Jesus had during His earthly ministry. Identifying Jesus’ aims helps you teach the Bible with purpose and clear goals in sight. Every lesson in the Strong Kids scope and sequence addresses at least one of Jesus’ teaching aims. Each Strong Kids department is a two-year cycle.
  • Strong Students provides a robust mix of courses to minister to teens through God’s Word. The mix includes Bible survey, Bible book studies, theological studies, Bible interpretation, and apologetics courses. The Strong Students for Middle & High School scope and sequence is a 7-year cycle.
  • Strong Adults scope & sequence has a 7-year cycle with a vast store of electives available.

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