Scope & Sequence for ages 4 and 5; 6-year-olds in kindergarten
Year 1Year 2
Strong Kids for Pre-Primaries reinforces foundational Biblical truths concerning creation, Jesus, salvation, and living for God.

Recognizing that pre-primaries are starting to understand the need for personal salvation, this curriculum provides opportunities for students to trust in Christ as their Savior and begin to live for Him.

Quarterly Emphasis

Year 1

  • God Gives Life
  • God Rescues
  • God Delivers
  • God Triumphs

Year 2

  • God Leads
  • God Directs
  • God Helps
  • God Rewards

BuildUP Themes

Here are the major emphases that are measurable in this age group:

  • Believe the gospel (28)
  • Understand Biblical ethics (9)
  • Internalize godliness (24)
  • Learn doctrine (38)
  • Develop life skills (8)
  • Uplift others (17)
  • Prepare to serve (10)

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2024–2025 (Year 1)

God Gives Life

Title Passage(s) Theme

Unit 1 | God Provides Life

1 God Provided His Life Ps. 90:2, 4; Isa. 40:28; Rev. 1:8 God never had a beginning and will never have an end.
2 God Provided Plant Life Gen. 1:1-13 God designed the earth as the perfect place to live.
3 God Provided Animal Life Gen. 1:14-25 God made stars, planets, and animals to reveal His greatness.
4 God Provided Human Life Gen. 1:26, 27; 2:18, 20-25 God wants us to fellowship with Him.
5 God Provided Work Gen. 1:28; 2:8-15, 19, 20 God gives us work as a way to honor Him.
6 God Provided Food Gen. 1:29-31; 2:16, 17 God provides for our needs.

Unit 2 | God Provides New Life

7 God’s Grace for Adam Gen. 3 God offers to forgive us our sins.
8 God’s Grace for Noah Gen. 6; 7 God sent Jesus as the way of salvation.
9 God’s Grace for the World Gen. 8:1–9:17 God’s promises always come true.
10 God’s Grace for the Nations Gen. 11:1-26 God wants us to obey His commands.
11 God’s Grace for Sinners Gen. 12:1-9; 15 God promised to provide salvation.
12 God’s Grace for Abraham Gen. 18:1-15; 21:1-7 God’s plan to provide salvation cannot be stopped.
13 God’s Grace for Isaac Gen. 22:1-19 God sent Jesus to die in our place.

God Rescues

Title Passage(s) Theme

Unit 1 | Trust God for Salvation

1 Jesus Is the Eternal Creator John 1:1-4, 14, 15, 18; Heb. 1:1-3; Col. 1:15, 16 Jesus, the Son of God, created the world.
2 Jesus Is Sinless Luke 1:26-38 Jesus is the sinless Son of God.
3 Jesus Is the Savior Matt. 1:18-25 Jesus became a baby boy to save the world.
4 Jesus Is Worthy of Praise Luke 2:1-20 Jesus’ birth is worthy of celebration.
5 Jesus Is Worthy of Sacrifice Matt. 2:1-12 Jesus is worthy of our sacrifice and service.

Unit 2 | Trust God for Direction

6 God Selected Rebekah Gen. 24 God answers our prayers.
7 God Overruled Isaac Gen. 27:1-40 God wants us to be honest and to trust His will.
8 God Encouraged Jacob Gen. 28:1-5, 10-22 God is always with us to help us do His will.

Unit 3 | Trust God for Protection

9 God Revealed His Plan for Joseph Gen. 37:1-11 God’s plans can never be stopped.
10 God Went with Joseph Gen. 37:12-36 God is good even when we have a bad day.
11 God Stayed with Joseph Gen. 37:36; 39; 40 God is pleased when we serve Him diligently.
12 God Saved His People through Joseph Gen. 41:1–42:2 God’s plans always work out for good.
13 God Completed His Plan for Joseph Gen. 42:3-9; 45; 47:11, 12; 50:17-21 God wants us to forgive others as He forgave us.

God Delivers

Title Passage(s) Theme

Unit 1 | Deliverance through Jesus

1 Jesus Proved He Is Our Deliverer John 20:31 Jesus is qualified to be our deliverer because He is God’s Son.
2 Jesus Delivered from Death John 11:25 Jesus has the power to deliver us from death.
3 Jesus Offered Deliverance Mark 11:9 Jesus deserves our praise for delivering the world from sin.
4 Jesus Pictured Deliverance John 13:8 Jesus showed us that only He can deliver the world from sin.
5 Jesus Provided Deliverance Acts 16:31 Jesus died to provide deliverance from sin.
6 Jesus Secured Deliverance I Corinthians 15:4 Jesus rose again to make deliverance from sin permanent.
7 Jesus Spread the Message of Deliverance John 14:3 Jesus wants us to tell others about deliverance from sin.

Unit 2 | Deliverance through Moses

8 God Protected Moses Psalm 115:3 God’s plans can never be stopped.
9 God Troubled Egypt Exodus 15:11 God is the only true God.
10 God Spared His People Ephesians 1:7 God provided Jesus as the sacrifice for our sins.
11 God Parted the Red Sea Proverbs 3:6 God leads us by His grace.
12 God Taught Israel to be Thankful Number 11:1 God wants us to give thanks when tempted to complain.
13 God Judged Israel’s Disobedience Ephesians 2:8 God is gracious to us.

God Triumphs

Title Passage(s) Theme

Unit 1 | Victory by God’s Grace

1 Israel Found a Friend Josh. 1; 2 God is true and worthy of our faith.
2 Israel Stepped out in Faith Josh. 3; 4 God helps us as we obey Him.
3 Israel Met Its Commander Josh. 5:13–6:5 God is always with us to help us.
4 Israel Shouted to the Lord Josh. 6:6-27 God’s power is amazing.
5 Israel Learned that God Sees All Josh. 7:1–8:29 God sees us when we sin.
6 Israel Forgot to Pray Josh. 9 God wants us to pray to Him.
7 Israel Fought Along with God Josh. 10:1-15 God answers our prayers.

Unit 2 | Victory by God’s Mercy

8 Deborah Courageously Followed God Judg. 4:1-16 God gives us courage to obey Him.
9 Gideon Tested God Judg. 6 God patiently helps us trust Him.
10 Gideon Trusted God Judg. 7; 8:10-12 God deserves the glory for all we do.
11 Jephthah Sincerely Believed God Judg. 11:1-33 God wants us to serve Him with all our hearts.
12 Samson Was Dedicated to God Judg. 13 God uses people to do His will.
13 Samson Was Empowered by God Judg. 14:5, 6; 15:9-20 God’s power is the greatest of all.

2025–2026 (Year 2)

God Leads

Title Passage(s) Theme

Unit 1 | Faithful Ruth and Hannah

1 Ruth’s Selfless Love Ruth 1 God wants us to think of others above ourselves.
2 Ruth’s Special Love Ruth 2; 4:13-17 God rewards our selfless love.
3 Hannah’s Selfless Prayer 1 Sam. 1:1-18 God hears our prayers when we are sad.
4 Hannah’s Special Prayer 1 Sam. 1:19–2:11 God gives us joy when we love and serve Him.

Unit 2 | Flawed Saul

5 King Saul’s Leader 1 Sam. 12 God gives us teachers to help us live for God.
6 King Saul’s Excuse 1 Sam. 13:1-16 God accepts no excuses for disobeying Him.
7 King Saul’s Lie 1 Sam. 15:1-29 God wants us to be honest because He is honest.

Unit 3 | Fervent David

8 David’s Focused Heart 1 Sam. 16:1-13 God knows our hearts.
9 David’s Fearless Heart 1 Sam. 17 God is stronger than any giant.
10 David’s Forgiving Heart 2 Sam. 7; 9 God wants us to be kind, especially to those with special needs.

Unit 4 | Faithless Solomon

11 Solomon’s Wisdom from God 1 Kings 3:1-15 God gave us the Bible to tell us what is right.
12 Solomon’s Worship of God 1 Kings 5–8 God is worthy of great praise.
13 Solomon’s Wandering from God 1 Kings 9:1–11:25 God alone deserves our worship.

God Directs

Title Passage(s) Theme

Unit 1 | God Planned Jesus’ Birth

1 Isaiah Told about Jesus Isa. 7:14; 11:1, 2; 35:5, 6a; 50:5, 6; 53:5, 6 Jesus’ birth has always been part of God’s plan.
2 Gabriel Announced Jesus Luke 1:26-38 Jesus was born a king and will one day rule on earth.
3 Mary Praised Jesus Luke 1:5-25, 39-58 Jesus came to be the Savior of the world.
4 Shepherds Visited Jesus Luke 2:1-20 Jesus came to bring joy to the world.

Unit 2 | God Planned Jesus’ Childhood

5 Worshiping the King Matt. 2:1-12 God wants us to worship Jesus.
6 Protecting the King Matt. 2:13-23 God’s plan for Jesus could never be stopped.
7 Listening to the King Luke 2:41-52 God wants us to listen to Jesus.

Unit 3 | God Planned Jesus’ Ministry

8 Jesus Obeyed the Father Matt. 3 God approved of Jesus’ life.
9 Jesus Fed a Multitude Mark 6:30-43 Jesus loves the needy.
10 Jesus Raised the Dead Mark 5:21-43 Jesus has the power to give life.
11 Jesus Caused the Deaf to Hear Mark 7:31-37 Jesus helped people hear the gospel.
12 Jesus Caused the Blind to See Mark 10:46-52 Jesus helped people see their need for salvation.
13 Jesus Showed His Glory Matt. 16:21; 17: 1-13; Mark 9:1-13 Jesus is the perfect Son of God.

God Helps

Title Passage(s) Theme

Unit 1 | Elisha: God Is Caring

1 God Cared for a Widow 2 Kings 4:1-7 God loves and cares for the needy.
2 God Cared for a Family 2 Kings 4:8-37 God gave life to show He cares for people.
3 God Cared for His Prophets 2 Kings 4:38-44 God takes care of those who serve Him.
4 God Cared for an Enemy 2 Kings 5:1-14 God loves extends to all people, even enemies.

Unit 2 | Daniel: God Is Close By

5 The Friend on the Cross Luke 24:1-12; John 20:3-10 Jesus, our friend, died for us on the cross.
6 The Friend in Captivity Dan. 1 Jesus, our friend, helps us obey even when it’s hard.
7 The Friend in the Fire Dan. 3 Jesus, our friend, is with us all the time.
8 The Friend in Heaven Dan. 6:1-11 Jesus, our friend, hears our prayers.
9 The Friend in the Den Dan. 6:12-28 Jesus, our friend, answers our prayers.

Unit 2 | Esther: God Is in Control

10 God Directed His People Esth. 2 God sets up and takes down kings and queens.
11 God Encouraged His People Esth. 3; 4 God gives us courage to stand for Him.
12 God Honored His People Esth. 5; 6 God honors those who honor Him.
13 God Protected His People Esth. 7–10 God’s plan cannot be stopped by anyone.

God Rewards

Title Passage(s) Theme

Unit 1 | Christ Starts His Church

1 The Church’s Power Acts 1:4, 5, 8; 2:1-11 Christ sent the Holy Spirit to empower His church.
2 The Church’s People Acts 2:40-47 Christ adds people to our church.
3 The Church’s Preaching Acts 3:1–19 Christ is the focus of preaching.
4 The Church’s Prayer Acts 4:1-31 Christ answers our church’s prayers.
5 The Church’s Problem Acts 6:1-7 Christ uses us to meet church needs.

Unit 2 | Christ Builds His Church

6 God Directs His Missionaries Acts 8:4-8, 12, 26-40 God guides His missionaries.
7 God Calls His Missionaries Acts 9:1-19 God saves people so they might be missionaries.
8 God Helps His Missionaries Acts 12:1-19 God meets missionaries’ needs.
9 God Sends His Missionaries Acts 13:1-3; 14:8-20 God sends missionaries around the world.
10 God Protects His Missionaries Acts 27 God shows His power in the lives of His missionaries.

Unit 3 | Christ Rewards His Church

11 Jesus Is Coming for Believers 1 Thess. 4:13-18; 2 Cor. 5:9-15 Christ is coming to rapture and reward believers.
12 Jesus Will Return with Believers Isa. 2:2, 4: 11:6-9; Rev. 19:11-21; 20:1-6 Christ will return to earth to set up His Kingdom.
13 Jesus Will Live with Believers Forever Rev. 21:1–22:5 Christ is preparing an eternal home for believers.