Strong Students

Scope & Sequence
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Strong Students for Middle & High School builds on the foundation laid by Strong Kids by increasing the depth of the teaching and expanding the variety of material.

Students dive into God’s plan from Creation to Revelation, learn to study the riches of the Bible for themselves, and gain answers to their toughest questions.


BuildUP Themes

Here are the major emphases that are measurable in this age group:

  • Believe the gospel
  • Understand Biblical ethics
  • Internalize godliness
  • Learn doctrine
  • Develop life skills
  • Uplift others
  • Prepare to serve

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Year 1
Quarter Topic Description
Fall 2021 Bible Survey Focuses students’ attention on God’s overarching plan from Creation through Revelation
Winter 2021–22 Character Studies Examines the lives of select Biblical characters to encourage students to live for God
Spring 2022 Anthropology Enables students discover exactly who God created them to be and who they can be in Christ
Summer 2022 Acts Traces the history of the early church to help students understand how Christ kept His word to build His church
Year 2
Quarter Topic Description
Fall 2022 Basic Bible Truths Guides students to understand the Bible’s foundational truths for their lives
Winter 2022–23 Mark Encourages students to see Jesus’ acts of service; choose to serve God; and, when their service involves suffering, look to Jesus as their hope and help.
Spring 2023 Philippians Helps students see how they can have joy in Christ regardless of their circumstances
Summer 2023 James Challenges students to live out their faith by giving practical encouragement for dealing with their own trials
Year 3
Quarter Topic Description
Fall 2023 Bible Interpretation Provides students with the basic principles of interpretation so they can correctly understand God’s Word
Winter 2023–24 Ephesians Points students to the rich blessings God has given them in Christ and challenges them to walk worthy of those blessings
Spring 2024 Apologetics Equips students with Biblical answers to the toughest questions so they can have confidence in God’s Word
Summer 2024 1 & 2 Thessalonians Prepares students to live faithfully for Christ while anticipating His return and builds their understanding of end-time events


Looking for a topic outside of this scope & sequence? We have electives for high school students!