Scope & Sequence for Grades 3 and 4
Year 1Year 2
Strong Kids for Middlers teaches students the Bible timeline from Genesis to Revelation.

Students understand how God’s plan unfolded in the past, what His plan is for today, and how His plan will unfold in the future. They’ll gain confidence by knowing how they fit into God’s plan.

Quarterly Emphasis

Year 1

  • Creation and Promises
  • Commands and Promises
  • Conquest and Potential
  • Conflicts and Problems

Year 2

  • Crowns and Prophets
  • Crowns and Prison
  • Christ and Provision
  • Church and Peace

BuildUP Themes

Here are the major emphases that are measurable in this age group:

  • Believe the gospel (23)
  • Understand Biblical ethics (26)
  • Internalize godliness (17)
  • Learn doctrine (34)
  • Develop life skills (24)
  • Uplift others (12)
  • Prepare to serve (14)

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2022–2023 (Year 1)

Creation and Promises

Title Passage(s) Theme

Unit 1 | God Creates the World

1 God Gave Us His Word John 3:16; 2 Tim. 3:15-17; James 1:22-25; 2 Pet. 1:21 God’s Word tells us about God and His world.
2 God Created the World Gen. 1:1–2:3 God created the universe from nothing in six days.
3 God Made Adam and Eve Gen. 1:26–2:25 God made people in His image.

Unit 2 | God Shows Grace and Mercy

4 God’s Grace Covered Adam’s Sin Gen. 2:9, 16, 17; 3; 4 God offers saving grace to all sinners.
5 God’s Grace Rescued Noah Gen. 6:1–9:17 God’s grace to Noah helps us understand saving grace.
6 God’s Mercy Preserved the Nations Gen. 10; 11 God can carry out His plans no matter what.

Unit 3 | God Begins His Salvation Plan

7 God Promised to Save the World Gen. 11:1–12:4; 15 God’s Son fulfilled God’s promise to bless the nations.
8 God Tested Abraham’s Faith Gen. 18:1-15; 21:1-8; 22:1-19 God teaches us to have faith in Him.
9 God Choose Jacob over Esau Gen. 25:19-34; 27 God is worthy of our trust no matter our circumstances.
10 God Taught Jacob about Trust Gen. 28:1-5, 10-22; 29:1–30:24; 32; 33; 35 God wants us to trust His plan.
11 God Used Joseph’s Brothers Gen. 37 God’s plans will always come to pass.
12 God Helped Joseph in Egypt Gen. 39–41 God’s plan includes His enabling presence.
13 God Preserved Life Gen. 42–50 God’s plan is always for the good of His people.

Commands and Promises

Title Passage(s) Theme

Unit 1 | God Delivers His People

1 God Is Sovereign over All Exod. 1–2:22 God fulfills His plan no matter who tries to stop Him.
2 God Is the Helper from on High Exod. 2:23–4:17 God is both high above us and near to help us.
3 God Is Promise Keeper Exod. 4:18–7:13 God is trustworthy because He keeps His promises.
4 God Is Savior Matt. 1:18-24; Luke 1:26-38; 2:1-20 God’s Son is the only way of salvation from sin.
5 God Is True Exod. 7:14–10:29 God is the only true, living God.
6 God Is Redeemer Exod. 11; 12 God offers us redemption for our sins.

Unit 2 | God Teaches His People

7 God Is Wise Leader Exod. 13:17–15:21 God leads us with wisdom and power.
8 God Is Provider Exod. 15:22–17:16 God cares about and provides for us.
9 God Is Holy Exod. 19 God’s holiness separates Him from sinners.
10 God Is Instructor Exod. 20 God is the solution to the problem of sin.
11 God Is Glorious Exod. 24; 32:1–34:8 God’s justice, grace, and mercy are wonderfully amazing.
12 God Is Atoner of Sin Exod. 25; 35–40; Lev. 10:1-10 God offers us with the final solution for our sin.
13 God Is Gracious Giver Num. 13:1–14:38 God delights in giving gracious blessings.

Conquest and Potential

Title Passage(s) Theme

Unit 1 | Israel Rejects God’s Grace

1 God Is Just Judge Num. 14:39-45; 15:32-41 God both judges sin and grants mercy.
2 God Is in Charge Num. 16; 17 God uses leaders to accomplish His will.
3 God Is Honorable Num. 20:1-13 God wants us to glorify Him with our lives.
4 God Is Merciful and Gracious Num. 21:4-9 God sent Jesus to be the final sacrifice for our sins.
5 God Is Unstoppable Num. 22–24 God’s will could never be stopped or changed.
6A God Is Praiseworthy Deut. 32–34 God always deserves our worship and praise.

Unit 2 | Israel Accepts God’s Grace

6B Fear and Faith in Jericho Josh. 1; 2 God is worthy of our courageous faith.
7 Israel’s Step of Faith Josh. 3; 4 God requires us to demonstrate our faith.
8 Faith in the Risen Christ John 18–20 God saves all who put their faith in Christ.
9 Faith Lessons around Jericho Josh. 5:13–6:27 God is faithful to His promises.
10 The Other Side of Faithfulness Josh. 7:1–8:29 God is faithful to punish sin.
11 Israel’s Lapse of Faith Josh. 9 God faithfully gives His wisdom to those who seek it.
12 Faith Is the Victory! Josh. 10:1-15, 40-43; 11:16-23 God’s faithfully enables us to do His will.
13 Joshua Challenges Israel’s Faith Josh. 13–24 God’s faithfulness should motivate us to obey Him.

Conflicts and Problems

Title Passage(s) Theme

Unit 1 | Help for Kingless Israel

1 Israel’s Report Card Judg. 1:1–3:6 God is always faithful even when we fail to live by faith.
2 God Prodded Israel Judg. 3:7-31 God is always faithful because He is sovereign over all.
3 Deborah Shared Her Faith Judg. 4; 5 God uses faithful people to encourage our faith in Him.
4 Gideon Feared the Enemy Judg. 6 God wants us to fear Him above all else.
5 Gideon Defeated the Enemy Judg. 7; 8:10-12 God expects us to take Him at His Word.
6 Jephthah Led Israel Sincerely Judg. 11 God wants us to serve Him sincerely.
7 Jephthah Judged Israel’s Insincerity Judg. 12 God knows our hearts perfectly.
8 God’s Sovereign Plan for Samson Judg. 13 God wants to use our lives for His glory.
9 Samson’s Strength and Weakness Judg. 14:1–16:3 God blesses us when we walk by faith rather than sight.
10 Samson’s Final Victory Judg. 16:4-31 God expects us to humbly submit to His truth.

Unit 2 | Hope for Kingless Israel

11 Micah’s Religious Feelings Judg. 17 God wants us to worship and serve Him according to truth.
12 Dan’s Religious Greed Judg. 18 God wants us to serve Him rather than ourselves.
13 Benjamin’s Only Hope Judg. 20; 21 God wants us to rejoice in Shiloh, His final solution for sin.

2023–2024 (Year 2)

Crowns and Prophets

Title Passage(s) Theme

Unit 1 | Samuel: God’s Last Judge

1 God Answered Hannah’s Prayer 1 Sam. 1:1–2:11 God blesses us when we are generous.
2 Samuel Listened to God 1 Sam. 3 God deals with sin justly.
3 God Refused to Abandon Israel 1 Sam. 4–7 God remains faithful even when we fail him.

Unit 2 | Saul: The People’s King

4 Israel Wanted a Warrior King 1 Sam. 8–12 God’s character and abilities are always worthy of our complete trust.
5 Greedy King Saul Disobeyed  1 Sam. 15:1-29 God desires our obedience above sacrifice.
6 David Aimed to Defend God’s Name 1 Sam. 16:1-13; 17 God does great things through those who know and trust Him.
7 God Protected David 1 Sam. 18; 19 God completes His will no matter His opposition.
8 David Respected God’s Anointed 1 Sam. 24; 26 God’s goodness remains perfect even when our lives are difficult.
9 God Ended Saul’s Reign 1 Sam. 28:3-25; 31 God troubles those who reject Him.

Unit 3 | David: God’s King

10 God Made a Royal Promise 2 Sam. 5–7; Ps. 89: God’s promises reveal His amazing grace.
11 Daivd Sought Forgiveness 2 Sam. 11:1–12:25 God stands ready to forgive our sins.
12 Solomon Built God’s Temple 1 Kings 3:5–8:66 God’s name is greatly to be praised.
13 Solomon Made Unwise Choices 1 Kings 9:1–11:25 God warns us about the consequences of sin.

Crowns and Prison

Title Passage(s) Theme

Unit 1 | Divided Kingdom

1 Israel Ripped Apart 1 Kings 11:26–13:34 God wants us to submit to His loving authority over our lives.
2 God Defeated Baal 1 Kings 16:29–18:46 God hears us because He is real.
3 Ahab Paid for Stealing 1 Kings 21; 22:1-40; 2 Kings 9 God’s relationship with us gives us the opportunity to live contentedly.
4 Isaiah Told of a Coming King Isaiah 7; 9:1-7 God will send Jesus to be the perfect King of Kings.
5 Elisha Revealed God’s Heart 2 Kings 2:1-14; 4:1-37; 5 God provides for our needs from His loving, giving heart.
6 Joash Stopped Listening 2 Chron. 22–24 (2 Kings 11) God desires our lifelong devotion.
7 Jonah Got a Second Chance Jonah God wants us to share the message of His mercy and grace.

Unit 2 | Exile and Return

8 Israel Finally Fell 2 Kings 17; 18:9-12 God warns us about the seriousness of sin.
9 God Answered Hezekiah 2 Kings 18; 19; 2 Chron. 29:13–32:23; Isa. 37:21-38 God hears and answers our prayers.
10 Judah’s Light Dimmed 2 Kings 22:1–25:30; 2 Chron. 25; 26; 36:1-21 God shows compassion to the humble.
11 Daniel’s Historic Interpretation Dan. 1; 2 God controls history as the sovereign over all.
12 Esther’s Bravery in Exile Esther God’s plans are unstoppable because He is all-powerful.
13 Jerusalem’s Restoration Ezra, Nehemiah God offers us hope and forgiveness when we sin.

Christ and Provision

Title Passage(s) Theme

Unit 1 | Jesus, the Powerful Teacher

1 Jesus Is the Eternal Word of God Matt. 3; John 1:1-28 Jesus is the eternal Son of God.
2 Jesus Is Perfectly Holy Matt. 4:1-11 Jesus qualifies to be our Savior because He is perfectly holy.
3 Jesus Offers Eternal Life John 3:1-21; 4:1-42 Jesus provides the only way to eternal life.
4 Jesus Has Power over Creation Matt. 21:18-22; Luke 5:1-11; Mark 4:35-41 Jesus directs His Creation to accomplish His will.
5 Jesus Has Power over Death John 11 Jesus has power to raise the dead to life.
6 Jesus Condemns Hypocrisy Mark 2:13-17; 3:1-6 Jesus’ true followers worship Him from their hearts.
7 Jesus Has Power over Diseases Matt. 8:1-3, 14, 15; 14:14; Luke 13:11-13; John 9 Jesus has the power over sin’s effects on our bodies.

Unit 2 | Jesus, the Willing Sacrifice

8 Jesus Offered Himself Matt. 21:1-17; Luke 19:28-48 Jesus offers us true peace.
9 Jesus Accepted Sacrificial Service Mark 14:1-11 Jesus deserves our honor and sacrificial devotion.
10 Jesus Illustrated His Death Luke 22:7-30 Jesus gave us a way to remember His death.
11 Jesus Surrendered to God’s Will Luke 22:31–23:56 Jesus willingly died for the sins of the world.
12 Jesus Conquered Death Matt. 28:1-10; Luke 24:36-49; John 21:1-17 Jesus conquered sin and death by rising from the dead.
13 Jesus Commissioned His Followers Matt. 28:16-20; Luke 24:45-53 Jesus commanded us to tell others about new life in Christ.

Church and Peace

Title Passage(s) Theme

Unit 1 | The Church Begins

1 The Church Caught Fire Acts 1; 2 Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to help us live for God.
2 The Church Prayed for Boldness Acts 3:1–4:31 The Holy Spirit gives us boldness to serve Him courageously.
3 The Church Feared and Flourished Acts 4:32–5:16 God wants us to serve Him out of respect for Him.
4 The Church Endured Persecution Acts 5:17-8:4 God’s servants sometimes experience rejection and persecution.

Unit 2 | The Church Grows

5 Paul Saw the Light Acts 9:1-31 God will save anyone who trusts in Jesus for salvation.
6 The Gospel Spread Acts 10:1–11:18 God wants all people to be saved.
7 The Gospel Went Global Acts 13:1-5; 16 God directs us to people He wants us to reach.
8 Uproar in Ephesus Acts 19 The Holy Spirit helps us persevere in our service to God.
9 Broken Ship, Solid Faith Acts 21:1-6, 26-30; 25:10-12; 27; 28 God’s servants at times experience rejection and persecution.

Unit 3 | The Church and the Last Days

10 Jesus Will Rapture His Church 2 Cor. 5:9-11; 1 Thess. 4:13-18; Rev. 5:1-14 Jesus will reward believers for their service for Him.
11 God Will Trouble the World Rev. 6:1–18:24 God will trouble sinners that they might accept His grace.
12 Jesus Will Return to Reign Isa. 2:2, 4; 11:6-9; Rev. 19:7–20:6 Jesus will reign as the perfect King of Kings in His Kingdom.
13 Jesus Will Make All Things New Rev. 20:7–22:9 Jesus will judge sinners and create a new home for believers.