Scope & Sequence


Strong Adults contains Biblical truth, expository teaching, and life application.

This curriculum plan includes through-the-Bible courses as well as in-depth doctrinal and timely topical courses. Perfect for adults who want a guide in using all of God’s Word as God intended.

BuildUP Themes

Here are the major emphases that are measurable for adult students:

  • Believe the gospel
  • Understand Biblical ethics
  • Internalize godliness
  • Learn doctrine
  • Develop life skills
  • Uplift others
  • Prepare to serve

Learn more about measuring growth.

Year 1
Quarter Bible Passages/Topic
Fall 2023 Joying Like Jesus (Philippians)
Winter 2023–24 Humbled and Hopeful: Seeing God’s Greatness, Trusting His Goodness (Job)
Spring 2024 Supreme: Putting Christ First (Colossians)
Summer 2024 Lyrics for Life (Selected Psalms)
Year 2
Quarter Bible Passages/Topic
Fall 2024 End-time Faith: Paul’s Encouragement to the Thessalonians (1, 2 Thessalonians)
Winter 2024–25 Walking Wisely in a Foolish World (Proverbs)
Spring 2025 Current Culture
Summer 2025 1 Timothy
Year 3
Quarter Bible Passages/Topic
Fall 2025 Ecclesiastes
Winter 2025–26 2 Timothy; Titus; Philemon
Spring 2026 Christology
Summer 2026 Isaiah
Year 4
Quarter Bible Passages/Topic
Fall 2026 Hebrews
Winter 2026–27 Jeremiah; Lamentations
Spring 2027 James
Summer 2027 Truth Debate
Year 5
Quarter Bible Passages/Topic
Fall 2027 Ezekiel
Winter 2027–28 Daniel
Spring 2028 Ecclesiology
Summer 2028 1, 2 Peter; Jude
Year 6
Quarter Bible Passages/Topic
Fall 2028 Minor Prophets, Part 1
Winter 2028–29 1, 2, 3 John
Spring 2029 Minor Prophets, Part 2
Summer 2029 Revelation

More Adult Courses

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